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The one thing that CHANGED EVERYTHING...

...was that I saw how much money you can make online. Seeing that changed everything. The numbers I saw were crazy and changed everything in my mind.

I asked myself “How can I do this?” And what I figured out is that:
Building a Funnel that 24/7 automatically sells your
products is the key to making money online.
That´s why I started building my first Funnel.

I build my first website, recorded a video for it, wrote some emails and created a product that the funnel should sell. I started sending people from my Instagram account into the funnel “with the hope” that the funnel turns those people into paying customers.

I was so excited... xD

I payed some big Instagram pages to send their followers into the funnel. I spend
over $200, but no one bought my product!

God… that feeling was so bad…
I wanted to give up and sell my Instagram account, but I
remembered what my mentor told me.

He told me:

“Niklas! Tough times will come. You´ll think about giving up… But the difference between those who succeed and those who don´t is that those who succeed keep going. Those who succeed never give up because they know that they are just one step away…”

He told me that when you think about giving up that you have to take all your energy and tell yourself that you just one more time have to give 100%! 

And that´s what I did!

I decided to give 100% one more time...
I refreshed all my knowledge about building a funnel that automatically turns people into paying customers and read two books about building one in less than 24 hours.

After that I created a huge plan for my funnel.

I mapped everything out and started building my funnel.

I build my sales page for the video course, recorded a sales video, wrote emails, created Instagram Ads, created a members area and all that… I worked 15 hours every day and within one week I finished building my funnel.
This was my last chance.
I finished building my machine and started sending my followers into it and GUESS WHAT??

It worked!! xD

The day I started sending some of my followers into the machine I made $97.

I can remember the exact number.

$97.81. The day after that I made $191. Wow… xD

That feeling was so awesome! I kept going and made more money. I made more and more money.

One morning I woke up and already made over $500.

That was so awesome!!
Imagine how that feeling would be…
All the hard work started paying off. I was so happy. Within 8 days I made $3,000. Whoooo… I felt so good. In the next 22 days I made $7,971 with Instagram and my funnel! 

That was soooo crazy.

I made $10,971 in 30 days! Wooooww… Imagine how your life would be if you had an extra $10,000 per month right now. 

At that point I realized that everything is possible and that life can change so fast.

I knew “YES, all my dreams will come true!!”.

I kept going and made more money…

A few month later I was in Spain for a few weeks. I lived in a beautiful house next to the beach. I woke up, went to the gym, then jumped into the water and then I most of the time had breakfast. This is how my day started. After that I got some work done and enjoyed life.
At The Beginning Of 2019 I Came To Dubai...
I came to Dubai for a new project.

I started cooperating with someone from Germany. At that point he had 14,000 followers on Instagram. The idea was to launch a new digital product.

I created the Funnel and did all the technical thing and he just send people from his Instagram account into the Funnel.

Within 45 days we made over $1,000,000 in sales.

That´s sooo carzy!

And the best part about it is that I didn´t have to show my face.

That I didn´t have to create a product.

AND that I was able to generated the $1,000,000 in sales WITHOUT having a single follower in that niche.
Now I Live In Dubai And Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Every Single Month...
I started working with more and more influencers from all around the world. I build funnels for them, they send their followers into the funnel and we both make money.

So cool!

And the best thing is that you can do it too. You can simply cooperate with Influencers who already have hundreds of thousands of followers and build a funnel for them.

They then just send people into it and you do 50/50 with the Influencer and you both make money.
You can also build a funnel for you own Instagram account and make money with that. You just have to know how building a Funnel works and then you´ll be able to make tens of thousands of dollars with Instagram.

That´s why I created the Instasecrets Mastermind. In it I´ll show you step-by-step from zero how building a Funnel works and how you can build your first one and make $100,000 within the next 6 month with your Instagram account WITHOUT having any previous experience.

I´ll also show you how you can reach out to big influencers and cooperate with them, so that you can build a funnel for them and do 50/50. The influencer then just sends his followers into it and you both make money. The cool thing about that is that you don´t have to show your face, that you don´t have to create your own product and that you can do it with zero followers.

With the Instasecrets Mastermind I want to take 100 people from ZERO to $100,000 in the next 6 month. You can be one of them.

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